To improve the quality of science, chemistry and chemical engineering research in South-Africa by enabling our academics with custom experimental equipment and services so that they can fulfil their wildest experimental dreams.





To build turnkey products from local suppliers to provide cost effective solutions to customers with local backup and support.
To become the preferred installer of high pressure gas installations in South-Africa.
To provide the best after sales support and service in the market.

What distinguish us from our competitors are that we have the advantage of:

Flexible to travel all over South-Africa.
Use local products and suppliers as far as possible to enable us to give good after sales service and swift turnaround times.
20 year research and development industry experience.

We pledge professional swift service to all our customers. Our initial (quotation consultation) service are free of charge.”

We have the following collaborations and networks in place to provide you the best and up to date services:

Member and sponsor of the Catalysis Society of South-Africa a non-profit organisation focussing on catalysis research in South-Africa. Members are ground breaking scientists and engineers from industry and academic institutions.

Affiliated with Southern Africa Compressed gasses association for peace of mind to customers that their high pressure gas installations are done by a supplier that comply with the pressurised system's act.

Vaal University of Technology Alumni, B-Tech. Chemical engineering.